About Tetrafix

TETRAFIX is a Swedish company based just north of Gothenburg, in close proximity to Volvo, in the centre of the Swedish automotive industry. It is in this setting our solutions have been developed and the company is built on over 40 years’ experience from the automotive industry. Our engineering knowledgebase today includes experience in design, preparation, geometry assurance, measurement, production and robotics.

Originating from the geometry assurance industry, the company has extensive experience working with high precision design and manufacturing processes. The company has during the years made considerable investments in innovative solutions, know-how and product development working with carbon fibre. Our engineers have many years’ experience from working with light weight materials and high precision design to find the optimal solution for your needs.

Our product portfolio is today focused on fixtures for geometry assurance and robot grippers for material handling but our solutions are also used for assembly, production and transportation. Fixture solutions are sold under the TETRAFIX brand while robot grippers are sold under a separate brand, LIGHTGRIP


TETRAFIX makes the most out of light weight technology by combining traditional technologies with exotic materials to deliver optimal solutions tailored to your demands. Our solutions combine proven design and construction methods such as framed structures together with exotic materials like carbon fibre and airplane grade aluminium. Add our different unique design features, such as lamella joints, and the result is fixtures and grippers with superior performance over long periods of time.