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Modular fixtures

Instructions +

1: Pick end-effectors (clamping and shims boxes) adapted to fixate your work piece at each point.

Each End effector move into position and rotate in the standard interface. Fine tuning is possible in all steering directions.

2: Select tripods with the desired reach depending on the location of each specific reference point.

Each tripod can move in space with 6 DOF by legs changing length and joint rotating in all directions.

3: Fixate the tripod with a joint adapted to a TETRAFIX plate or other plates or walls.

Each tripod leg can be positioned anywhere on the measurement table.


Clamping for the modular fixture system is available both as std clamps and as extensions packages when extra reach is needed.

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Colour RPS Type Product number
Steel Flat Extension kit TF100953
Steel Flat Single TF100701
Black Flat Extension kit TF100954
Black Flat Single TF100704